Wanted: Softtech Yapay Zeka Uzmanları Arıyor

Wanted: Softtech Yapay Zeka Uzmanları Arıyor

Job description

We believe that highly competitive solutions can only be developed by the motivated and enthusiastic team. That’s why our team members have been selected among the top engineers and specialists on the market. We are experts in developing solutions for financial organizations. If you want to be part of this ambitious team and if you are open to challenges here is the job description;

You will be working on creating a NLP Platform for Turkish with top academicians. You will devise methods to collect and process the data to train the platform. Develop NLP Components. Work on the platform technical roadmap with the Product Manager. Maintain and provide support to existing NLP Components.


* Experience in Data Analytics & Machine Learning or MSc Degree in Data Science (current graduate students are welcome)

* Experience in Python, SQL

* General understanding of machine learning algorithms (regressions, decision trees, neural networks)

* Basic statistics knowledge

* High analytical skills

* Passion about data science

Başvurular: [email protected]

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