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5 Reasons to Apply


TRAI provides an ecosystem of support: Participating corporate and institutional investors as well as Sente Foundry investment partners’ network and deep vertical expertise provides startups with value-added services that cost no extra fee.


Develop skills for the founding team: We help the founding team in identifying gaps in critical skill sets during the due diligence process. The conversations with VCs and industry leaders will help the startups build a short-term as well as a long-term hiring strategy.


Improve the offerings of your startup: Our 5-week program ends with a “Demo Day”, where participating startups pitch for follow-on investments from local or global VCs. Regardless of the outcome of these pitches turn into cheques, the process helps the founding team build the first iteration of their business.


Validating your business model: This program could be the first time that you have raised external funding. This, in turn, encourages angel investors (friends, family, a local angel or a local angel network) to invest in a follow-on investment round. The primary reason it that Angel investors feel that “graduating” from an TRAI Next de-risks to a certain degree the business plan, a sales and marketing strategy, and a technology roadmap.


Networking with peers: You’ll be in the company of some of the brightest, most driven entrepreneurs around, who will hopefully challenge you to be even better. The great ones will challenge a founder’s assumptions and offer routes to faster growth, based on learnings across other extremely early-stage companies.