TRAI Goes Global: Shaping the Future of Artificial Intelligence with a Global Vision 

The Turkish Artificial Intelligence Initiative (TRAI) aims to bring Turkey’s innovative and competitive work in the field of artificial intelligence to the global stage, fostering collaboration and interaction with AI ecosystems in various countries.

With a mindset geared towards global thinking, TRAI is establishing sustainable and constructive partnerships with AI ecosystems worldwide; aiming for progress and interaction beyond national borders. This vision aims not only to advance technological achievements but also to maximize social and economic benefits.

Through the TRAI Goes Global approach, TRAI’s objective is to reinforce Turkey’s presence in this field while encouraging strategic partnerships that support the development of AI on the international stage. In this context, the focus is on highlighting sectoral diversity and technological innovations, and reinforcing Turkey’s role within the international AI community.

As part of this project, TRAI has identified 21 countries with advanced AI ecosystems as strategic targets. In the pursuit of these goals, existing relationships with countries like Singapore, Israel, Germany, Canada, and the United States are being deepened, and new partnerships are being developed with countries like the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Sweden.

On this global journey, initiatives such as the Turkish Artificial Intelligence Summit and Turkish AI Week, as well as the participation of Turkish AI startups in international events, are facilitating global synergy and interaction. The efforts led by TRAI represent a commitment to showcasing Turkey’s capabilities and innovative solutions in AI on a global platform and becoming an integral part of the global dialogue in this field.

We cordially invite all AI ecosystem organizations, startups, and industry leaders from around the world to engage with us. If you are seeking to build connections, explore collaborative possibilities, or exchange knowledge, TRAI offers a dynamic platform for impactful collaboration. Reach out to us, and together, let’s drive the transformative power of artificial intelligence on a scale that transcends borders.