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The Game Is Changing

The artificial intelligence frenzy continues at full speed. At our first summit four years ago, we said “our first love is artificial intelligence”. Companies were just waking up. Yet, the number of start-ups in our country was quite limited.

In 2019, we said, “Welcome to the age of algorithms.” We all emphasized that we need to learn this new language. 2020, of course, has been a very strange year. But artificial intelligence continued to evolve and spread. Instead of the summit, we organized “Turkey Artificial Intelligence Week” Tens of thousands of people watched it live; millions accessed it digitally. “Artificial intelligence is the operating system of our new civilization,” we chanted. We touched on many sectors and vital areas, talked about the uses of artificial intelligence.

Today, with the new developments, we see that the game has started to change completely. AI has entered every aspect of our lives and continues to increase. Whoever gains this superpower advances, wins in the competition, while others lag. AI makes a difference in production, finance, retail, health, and all areas of life. The Game is Changing, tables are turning…

All over the world, the number of artificial intelligence start-ups is increasing, in Turkey it has exceeded over 200 and continues to grow rapidly. Artificial intelligence engineering departments and artificial intelligence research centers were established. We will see many more significant developments in the upcoming period.

Book your place to follow all these developments, listen to local and foreign experts, success stories that have added value to life with artificial intelligence. This year we will host

  • AI startups that grow exponentially
  • Technology leaders which makes difference by using AI
  • Academics from all over the world

By attending TR AI Week you can listen. global AI use cases from the world’s leading technology companies, you can interact with the AI stakeholders, listen keynote sessions of AI experts, get familiar with TRAI Start-up Ecosystem, and join TRAI Next Program Demo-Day! part of this community!

In a nutshell, experience AI heroes in Turkey and around the world, altogether. You don’t always get an opportunity like this. May the power of artificial intelligence always be with you. AI is penetrating our capillaries, do not lag behind this game!







AI Ecosystem is Changing

The number of artificial intelligence start-ups is increasing exponentially

Industries are Changing

AI use cases in different sectors are enhancing

Technology is Changing

The leaders make difference with technology are growing

Life is Changing

AI has entered every aspect of our lives and continues to increase.

Academy is Changing

AI undergraduate and graduate departments, and AI research centers are becoming widespread

The Game is Changing

Join TR AI Week to listen speeches from AI experts, interact with them, and learn more about global use cases of AI

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