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Tolga Durdu

Fibabanka, Genel Müdür Danışmanı

Tolga Durdu is the cofounder and Managing Director of Accelera. He is also Executive Advisor to Fibabanka CEO. He has 20+ years of enterprise business and IT experience at leading banks. Because of his career spanning both business and IT domains he has strong business acumen and deep understanding of marketing, operations, finance functions, as well as information management and analytics technologies. As the founding president of Turkish Data Management Association (DAMA International Turkey Chapter) Tolga is a sought after consultant in data management, analytics, and marketing technologies to leading companies in Turkey and EMEA region. He also teaches Data Science, Business Analytics, and Information Management professional training courses for Turkish Banking Association. He continues his PhD studies with a research interest in managerial issues surrounding Big Data and Advanced Analytics. Tolga has proficiency in implementing business analytical solutions and data science techniques for top line growth. He is an expert on advanced multivariate statistical techniques, exploratory and predictive analytics, and machine learning.

He holds a BS degree in Industrial Engineering and an MA degree in MIS both with high honors from Boğaziçi University. He continues his PhD study in Management at Boğaziçi University.

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