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Due Dılıgence Process


Investing time, money, or reputation on early-stage startups requires confidence. Sente’s cohort-based investment programs create confidence on the part of investors, corporate innovators, and the entrepreneurs themselves:

With our structured programs and proprietary tool sets, entrepreneurs emerge with better data, a clear plan, and an experience that has tested them on each and every aspect of their business.

Our investor and corporate partners receive detailed deliverables at each stage, along with the confidence that Sente has fully vetted the startups: including the attractiveness of the market, strength of the team, business model, economics, and technology.

We believe that our analytical approach, in collaboration with the startups, mentors and corporate innovation professionals, brings confidence and data-driven decision-making ability.


Sente’s due diligence is a collaborative process with the startup to describe, evaluate and improve on its business model, financial plan, and growth strategy. Our structured due diligence process consists of:


Evaluating the industry and the competitive dynamics of the startup’s target market


Examining industry key players, business model analogs, competition, and fundraising/exit comps


Forecasting the bottom-up and top-down revenue potential (“roll-out”)*


Understanding cost structure, fundraising requirements and capital needed to scale


Evaluating the team - capabilities, character, focus & risks


Understanding the technology, its applications and intellectual property protection

*In TRAI Next program, Sente will only evaluate the financial assumptions and forecasts delivered by the startups.